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Increase your cashflow.

Done-for-you account receivable follow-ups

How does it works?


See what your client would receive

Stop wasting your time trying to follow-ups with all your past due customers.

Your aging file

We work directly with your accounting software's aging files. After you sign-up, you will send us a sample of your Aging file so we can analyse the data and see if critical fields are missing.


We will create a custom process for your file format so data can be automatically extracted after a successful reception.

Send your file

You send us your file by email, we can setup an automated process that would help you do that quickly depending on your accounting software.


We will monitor and send follow-ups to your customers with outstanding balances. We will resend follow-ups to customers that did not took actions from our previous follow-ups.

Get Paid

Your DSO (days sales outstanding) will improve and you will get paid faster while focusing on different aspects of your business.

Weekly Reports

We will send you detailed weekly reports regarding customers contacted, the status of each account and your DSO evolution.


We have a three steps follow-ups flow. Depending on the payment terms of your client, we will gently remind them of unpaid balances via emails, printed letters and phone depending on the amount of past due days.

Printed letters and automated phone calls are optional. You have some included into each package. You can pay-as-you-go if you want to use those features.

On each contact methods, your client will have an easy way to pay their past due balances. We are handling internet and phone transactions at the moment.

Consolidate invoices

Your clients have an option to regroup their invoices and make one payment that we collect for you. Sometimes it's more convenient to pay everything at once, and they could do that right from our email follow-ups.

You can click on the "Pay with card" button to view a demo of the payment screen.

You receive the money directly on your bank account via bank transfer. We've parterned with Stripe, a leader in payment processor.

We Do All the Work

The Receivably done-for-you solution was built with the idea that you would not have to lift a finger in order to contact your customers with outstanding balances so you get paid faster.

We monitor your data, contact your customers on your behalf, manage 2nd and 3rd follow-ups so you can focus on other tasks.

Stop Wasting Your Time

You don't want to take your time to monitor and follow-up with all your outstanding accounts each days.

Increase your cashflow and be sure that even the smallest past due accounts get contacted.

Pick a plan that works for you!



Up to 300 accounts
3 printed letters
Weekly reports
Up to 1,000 accounts
10 printed letters
Weekly reports



Up to 5,000 accounts
50 printed letters
Weekly reports

Contact us if you have more than 5,000 accounts at 1-450-504-4381.

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